Cold Stone Creamery® Locations

Mississippi Cake Lovers Know Cold Stone Cakes Are the Best You’re going to love our cakes. They’re layered with our premium ice cream and moist cake, and then wrapped in sweet frosting or rich ganache. You can pick from a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find one perfect fit for your next gathering. Our cake and dessert menu includes: Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes,Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches Party with a Delectable Signature Cake Our Signature Cakes are made with high-quality ingredients like moist devil’s food cake and premium ice cream. They’re made with an elegant look and come in a variety of ice cream and cake combinations. Some favorites include: Midnight Delight®,Cake Batter Confetti™,Cookies and Creamery™ Kids Love Our Themed Cakes Wait until you see the look on your birthday boy or girl’s face when you walk out with one of our Themed Cakes. They’re made with moist devil’s food cake, thick layers of Sweet Cream ice cream, fluffy white frosting and sprinkles. On top of that, we add your child’s favorite cartoon characters or heroes. Cold Stone Ice Cream Cupcakes are Creamy Delights These cupcakes are filled with our premium ice cream and come inside a rich Belgian chocolate cup. We top them with fluffy frosting and rainbow sprinkles. You can choose from any one of the following choices: Sweetest Cream™ - a rich Belgian chocolate cup is filled with yellow cake and our signature ice cream. Then is topped with a twisting crown of white frosting and sprinkles. Cake Batter™ Delux - delicious devil’s food cake, creamy Cake Batter Ice Cream®, and pink frosting topped with sprinkles. All this packed into a Belgian chocolate cup! Double Chocolate Devotion™ - rich Belgian chocolate cup is filled with devil’s food cake and fudge and chocolate ice cream. Then we top it with a silky white frosting and an OREO® cookie. Cold Stone Has Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches™! A Cold Stone Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are fan favorites. We make them with two big chocolate chip cookies pressed on top of our sweet ice cream. We add mix-ins like rainbow sprinkles and chunks of chocolate, so each mouthful yum-tastic. They come in packs-of-four, and you can choose between any one of the following choices: Perfect Duet Ice Cream Cookies,Cookie Yum Ice Cream Cookies,Cake Batter™ Sprinkle Ice Cream Cookies,Kiss N’ Tell Chocolate Ice Cream Cookies